Friday, September 30, 2011

Freedom of Expression

Song of Solomon 7:10-11
Young Woman
I am my beloved’s,  And his desire is toward me.  Come, my beloved, Let us go forth to the field;  Let us lodge in the villages.

As I was reading the Song of Solomon this month my attention was caught on these two verses.  I thought about how much her lover must have encouraged her, how many times he must have showed her how desirable she was to him, and how much he must have complimented her for her to say in such confidence that she is one that he desires.

I also thought about how she initiated love with her man and it was not just him.  I know that so many of us can get caught up in the man is supposed to initiate love but if you and your husband have a secure relationship then this gives you both the freedom to express how you feel about each other and gives you both the freedom to initiate love. There should be passion in you both to want to be with each other. 

Thinking of this of how God is with us.  God tells us sweet things all throughout His Word.  He tells how he has made us, fearfully and wonderful.  He tells us how He longs to be with us and how He wants us to delight in Him.  He tells us how He has great plans for us.  How much more are we willing to express our deep love for our Savior in return.  I am sure you don’t want to frolic in the fields with someone who is belittling you all the time.  God initiates loves towards us and we initiate love with Him by spending time with Him praying, studying, listening, praising, worship, giving, and bearing fruit.

Affection in our relationships as husband and wife should be freely expressed and not be a source of shame.  However, it should be act of giving freely of ourselves as the Father has given us and it should be consistent that it remains secure.  Blessings to you~

DeLonda Adams

Her children arise up, and call her blessed; her husband also, and he praiseth her.--- Proverbs 31:28

I am a wife to a wonderful husband who loves me with the love of Christ. I am also mother to two beautiful children who keep me on my toes! I love managing the home while my husband is away and I love taking care of my family. I strive to put God first in everything I do. In my spare time I like spending it with my family, getting some "me" time, and fellowship with friends. I am a bargain shopper so I love clipping coupons and finding the best and finest things for cheap. I love to cooking and baking...I love trying different recipes when my budget allows! Those spices can get expensive! This is why I need my own garden ;o) 

My passion is for women, teaching them about the Proverbs 31 woman, being set free from their past and I have a deep desire to see women walk in their calling and gifts. God has gifted mewith many gifts and talents that I use to encourage others and advance God’s Kingdom.  I realize that there is nothing that I have that God has not given me which is why I desire above all things is to let everything that is done give glory to God.